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Dark Fires (1991)

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Back Cover:....He was the "Lord of Darkness," notorious despite being aquitted in his trial for his wife's murder. She was the "Little Angel"- the innocent, blue-eyed darling of the London stage. Yet he would unleash in her a wild, untoutored sensuality to match his own....

When Nicholas Bragg, Earl of Dragmore, accepts his late wife's 17-year-old niece as his ward, he plans to marry her off immediately. But the petite, lovely actress Jane Barclay proves to be illegitimate- and therefore undesirable in the eyes of proper society.

Infatuated with her handsome, brooding guardian, Jane seals her fate in a night of glorious passion. But when Nicholas declares he intends to marry her out of duty rather than love, the prospect of a loveless marriage sends her fleeing back to the theater, relentlessly pursued by the lover who has possessed her soul....

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