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According to Brenda Joyce's Website...The Prize will be released in October....Devlin  O'Neil is out for revenge, and he is after American, Virginia Hughes....On her to England to beher uncle for money to save her family home....Devlin a captain the British Royal Navy....is dedicated to use her for revenge....When he attacks the American Merchantman carrying her towards British shores, she attempts to assassinate him from the railing of that ship.....Quoting Brenda Joyce "I think this is my best work in a long, long time"
Also on Brenda Joyce's  website the next Francesca Cahill novel, Deadly Illusions, we will see Francesca and Calder Hart's Love life heat up...and then Daisy Jones tries to do her best to break them up....Mean while Rick Bragg is dealing with his personal drama...Francesca's nude portrait is revealed.....and the Slasher prepares to attack close to home.

Visit Brenda Joyce's Website for more info