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The Conqueror (1990)

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Back Cover:.....Like a pagan god, Rolfe the relentless rode into Castle Aelfgar to claim it as his prize- and Lady Alice as his bride. Lauded for his bravery in France, in England he was the hated enemy. Once ensconced in his new domain, Rolfe became determined to tame the Saxon beauty Ceidre, Alice's illegitimate sister, whose spirit and sesuality made him risk treason to have her- not Lady Alice- in his bed...

Mysterious and seductive, she was no lady but a spy for the rebel cause of her noble half brothers. Refusing to bow to this arrogant warrior who ignited her forbidden passion, Ceidre was swept into a dangerous liaison tied to the fate of England and kings. Yet with his kisses on her lips, his skillful hadns on her body, she would have to struggle not to surrender to...

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