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Say You Love Me (1996)

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Back cover:Left peeniless after her parents' deaths, Kelsey Langton must now take responsiblity for the well being of her younger sister Jean. But when circumstance and human frailty conspire to leave them homeless as well, Kelsey is forced to resort to drastic measures. Only by allowing herself to be sold at auction can she rescue her sister's future and so Kelsey enters the infamous House of Eros, resigned to becoming the plaything of some well heeled gentleman.
Lord Derek Malory is the highest bidder for Kelsey's charms a dashing rakehell from a family of charming London rogues who draws the sensuous dark haired maiden into a world of unparalleled pleasure and dangerous rivalries. But Kelsey must scrupulously guard the secret of her highborn past- even as her grace, wit, spirit and beauty entice her new "master" to renounce his scandalous ways. . .and take a chance at true love, the most perilous and rewarding gamble of all.

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