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A Gentle Fueding (1984)

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From the Back Cover: HE WOULD NEVER LET HER GO-- AND SHE WOULD NEVER SACRIFICE HER INNOCENCE TO SHAME... In trembling fear, she dared to refuse him, though her gentle beauty was the prize of his sword. And he, in his violent, aching need, could have taken her by force ...had she not made want so much more. Between them were the-hatreds of their warring Scottish clans. Yet she struggled in vain to escape her desire for this enemy lord. For beneath his roughness was a fierce, ardent tenderness that held her more strongly than the walls of his far Highland castle. Honor's pride told her she must hate him. Yet her woman's heart, awakening to the ecstasy of his touch, yearned desperately to yield... to surrender, and possess him completely... to be joined with him forever in love.

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