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Paradise Wild (1981)

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Back Cover: A well born Boston beauty, Corinne Barrows has traveled halfway around the world in search of Jared Burkett- a dashing rogue and a devil; a honey tongued charmer who seduced and despoiled her . . . and then abandoned the impetuous lady after awakening a need that only he could satisfy.
She has found him on the lush and lovely island of Hawaii. And now Croinne will have the revenge she craves; the total ruin of blackguard who brought shame and scandal into her life. But Jared still possesses the power to excite her as no man has ever done- even her own reckless heart is taken captive in their blistering war of wits and will- ignite a fire that could consume them both unless they surrender to it with wild abandon the heat of the tropic night.

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