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Saddled (June 2001)

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Book Description
Getting a passionate man like Rio McCaine to do what she wanted would be like breaking a stallion, Abbie realized. It would take a lot of work. Easy enough to change her own appearance--to make herself seem more ladylike than perhaps she was, to present herself as the type of woman a man might want to marry--but to get Rio to do everything she wanted, she'd have to resort to a lie. Or two. And if she wanted to save her sister from the Apaches and keep her inheritance for her own, this half-Comanche gunslinger was the only answer. Still, while Abbie was relatively wily when it came to getting what she wanted, there were a few things that could throw her for a loop. . . like what would happen when her handsome husband realized he'd been tricked? Abbie had a feeling it'd be like riding a bucking bronco--and part of her shivered in pleasure at the thought.

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