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Unbridled (November 2000)

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Book Discription:....Texas rancher and socialite, Adi McLaurin, gets more than she bargained for when she travels to her long-lost brother's untimely funeral. She discovers she has an orphaned eight-year-old half-breed niece.

Grayson Renaux, the child's half-Choctaw uncle, lied. It was so bold a lie, it surprised him that God hadn't struck him dead. It was for her own good that Adi would never know the full truth. He swore away his own happiness to protect his niece and consequently swore to protect his dead friend's crazy sister. But, if he didn't protect her from himself, it would destroy Adi's well ordered life and his niece's too.

To save her family's ranch, Adi had agreed to marry a state politician. Her wedding gown was ready and the guests beginning to arrive for the week-long celebration. But her life, Grayson's, and the lives of all of her siblings were suddenly turned upside down when Adi found herself unwittingly, but legally, bound to Grayson.

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