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Bed Of Roses (1996)

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Back Cover: SHE PRAYED FOR A MIRACLE Zafiro Quintana loved caring for her grandfather's gang of retired outlaws, and she guarded their hideaway with her life. When her gift for sensing danger told her trouble was near, the sapphire-eyed beauty sent her pet cougar to investigate. The cat returned with a specimen Zafiro hadn't seen for years --- a muscular, magnificent, young man --- with no memory of how he'd come to be naked and helpless under Zafiro's cautious touch. She made him her prisoner, but when he touched her with his golden eyes, she realized he was the miracle she'd been praying for . . . . AND HEAVEN SENT HER A MAN. She was the most ravishing creature he'd ever seen, a bandit princess commanding her motley crew. And now she wanted him to help whip her ragged gang into shape. Sawyer Donovan was determined to leave, to find his past, to avoid temptation of any kind. Passion was a luxury he couldn't afford. But he hadn't counted on the power of seduction --- or on this innocent beauty who left him breathless.

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