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Rainbows & Rapture (1992)

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From the Back Cover: A charmingly naive "soiled dove" with a heart of gold and a talent for catastrophe, beautiful Russia Valentine needs a fairy tale hero who will rescue her from a villain's dangerous attentions. And Santiago Zamora is her champion of choice --- a handsome, hardened Texas gunslinger who makes her blush with desire like an innocent schoolgirl. But Santiago harbors bitter resentments toward women of Russia's profession . . . and even despises her cat Nehemiah --- forcing the flaxen-haired beauty to resort to blackmail in her determined attempt to win the reluctant bounty hunter's aid and affections. For she believes with all her soul that fairy tales can come true --- and even two astoundingly mismatched hearts can be joined by the healing touch of tenderness . . . and the passionate promise of rapturous love.

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