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The Chase (July 2002)

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New York Times Bestselling author Brenda Joyce delivers her most breathtaking, suspenseful, and romantic novel yet -- the story of one woman caught up in a mystery that began in World War II and the chase for a brilliant and cold-blooded killer.

Claire Hayden has no idea that her world is about to be shattered. At the conclusion of her husband's fortieth birthday party, he is found murdered, his throat cut with a weapon that hasn't been used since World War II. He has no enemies. He has committed no crimes. He has no shady past. Or that is what Claire thinks...

Claire's search for information leads her to the mysterious Ian Marshall, a stranger who first appeared in her life the night of her husband's death; a stranger who appears to be involved. Someone has been killing this way for decades. Someone whose crimes go back to World War II. Someone who will do anything to make certain no one finds out. And Ian Marshall proves himself to be a dangerous man: dangerous to Claire's mind, heart, and emotions. As Claire and Ian team up to track down the killer, Ian make a shocking revelation: The killer may be someone close to Claire -- and Claire may be next.

Full of Brenda Joyce's trademark twists and turns, THE CHASE is a fast-paced and spine-tingling romantic thriller guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

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