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No Ordinary Princess
Back Cover: Brash and efficient, yet an incurable romantic, Princess "Cessy" Calhoun firmly believes in love at first sight. But at twenty-four she has never been smitten--until a sophisticated gentleman named "Gerald" sweeps her off her feet. For her newfound romance Cessy will give up anything--even her considerable fortune.
A handsome and rootless Rough Rider with a past and a crazy dream of "black gold," Tom Walker needed money and Cessy was swimming in it. So he created a refined alter ego to woo the rich man's daughter. But Cessy's enthusiastic spirit is infectious. And from the ruins of his get-rich-quick scheme, Tom sees her in an appealing new light. But though he now yearns for this remarkable stranger, Cessy's heart will never truly be his--not as long as the lady "Gerald" married loves a lie.