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The Love Charm
Back Cover: Aida Gaudet has charm and fire enough to enflame the desires of any man. Like a hurricane descending upon the bayou, her unparalleled beauty has thrown a humble Acadian town into turmoil- setting neighbor against neighbor in competion for her attentions. But Aida wants what no one yet offered her: she wants to know true love.
A steadfast pillar of a tight-knit community--someone to trust in times of trouble--Armand Sonnier also feels Aida's fire. And he, too, burns for this rare, radiant jewel who can never be his, for she is promised to his closest friend.
But the bayou moon can work many strange sorceries--compelling even a rational young man to take irrational risks . . . as it strengthens his resolve to win an enchantress' restless heart with passion, determination and a cup of voodoo magic.