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Johanna Lindsey 

Johanna was born in Germany, and traveled through out her childhood because her father was in the U.S. Army.
She moved to Hawaii with her mother, after her father's death in 1964.

She married out of high school, and as a young house wife and mother she started writing as a hobby. Johanna says "I never thought of being a writer when I was young. Now I wouldn't want to do anything else!"

Her first book "Captive Bride" was published in 1977. Since then she has published over 36 books.
For a more indepth bio visit Johanna Lindsey's Love Page.

Brenda Joyce 

Brenda Joyce was born in brooklyn and raised in upper east side Manhattan. Brenda wrote her first short story when she was 12 years old "Bury my heart Not."

She has lived all over the United States, and has done every job possible from driving trucks to bartending. In the 80's she got caught up in the party seen, that involved drugs and alcohol. Brenda comments about that in her bio, writing, "I still can not believe we all lived back then."
She now moved to Colorado, where she keeps herself active.

Brenda writes about how she tells her stories, "(I tell) a fastpaced story in which my characters come to life and take over the plot of the book, no matter my intentions. But in the past ten years since I was first publlished, I have become very aware of what I do. I know that being an author of popular fiction is my destiny in this lifetime."

For more info, or to read Brenda's more indepth bio on herself visit Brenda's website.

Elizabeth Lowell 

Elizabeth Lowell has written over fo novels. She began her career writing as Ann Maxwell, her real name, and her first novel was a science fiction, "Change."

Ann also collaborates with her husband Evan, and they write under the name, A.E. Maxwell. Ann began writing romances as Elizabeth Lowell in 1982.

She and Evan have been married for over 34 years. Ann had this to say when asked why she writes romantic suspense "I write what I know. I have been married to the only man I have ever loved coming up on 34 years now. And it just keeps getting better. I like to write about the ability of love to both heal and create, so I simply combine that with my other interests, gems, culture, politics, and history, and end up with romantic suspense."

Visit Elizabeth Lowell's website for more info on her.
Also to read more of what Elizabeth Lowell has to say about her writing visit writerswrite.com.

Pamela Morsi 

Pamela Morsi was raised in a small town in Oklahoma. as a child she was an avid reader, with a wild imagination.
She was a librarian for 17 years before she ultimately wanted to write novels of her own, at the age of 37 she wrote her first book.

Pamela writes about her experiences first trying to write her book, "I could have been a writer, but now I'm old, its too late, I have these kids, I can never do this."

Her husband was very sympthathetic for a while, "After Several weeks," Pamela writes, "he became annoyed. He brought me a computer, set it up in our bedroom, and told me that I could have every night and every weekend to write. He would cook, the children would clean, and I would write my damn book or shut the hell up about it."

Her first book written was Heaven Sent, published in 1991.
Visit Pamela's website to learn more about her or read about an interview with Pamela Morsi from romance reader to here more about her experiences with writing and about her books

 Katherine Sutcliffe

Katherine Sutcliffe born in 1952 in Texas, was an only child mostly raised by her grandmother. Spending most of her childhood alone, she wrote her first book by the age of 13.

Katherine moved out on her own shortly after her high school gradutation. She "walked five miles every night to the local pizza inn"  for food, Katherine states on her website.

Finally getting sick of Pizza she decided to attend Business School and then moved to Dallas where she met her husband Niel.

Katherine has worked as a consultant head writer for soap operas such as: Another world and As The World Turns.

Katherine says that she would be happiest if she dies writing.

Visit Katherine sutcliffe's website for more info on her latest releases.

 Rebecca Paisley

Rebecca Paisley first began writing when she was five years old, a nasty poem about her sister. Since then she has expanded out and has created unconventional but endearing character, in her quircky historical romance novels.

Using her memory to write about her out of the ordinary heros and heroines, she explains that since she was little she developed a deep fodness for the unusual.

Rebecca realizes the complexity of writing humor, stating "These are a few of the various things you can practice to bring humor into a story. And I do stress the word practice. Humor isnít easy to write. Itís very difficult. But itís fun. "

Her last novel written in 1997, Yonder Lies Heaven, Rebecca Paisley is indeed writing again and will be releasing a Contemprary and Historical novel in the near future.

you can email Rebecca Paisly or visit Romantic Times Online for more info about the author.

 Julie Garwood

 Julie Garwood was born in Kansas City Missouri. Growing up in a large family who love to tell stories made her appreciate the tell of a good tale.

Although Julie Garwood did not began to write after the youngest of her three children began school, she took to it like a fish to water, writing her first novel in 1985: Gentle Warrior. Since then she has written over 20 novels and has devoted her time to prgrams that promote literacy.

She now lives in Leawood Kansas, and is currently working on her latest novel.

For more info on Julie Garwood please visit her website.

 Catherine Anderson

Catherine Anderson has been writing historical romance since her teens and is all she has ever wanted to write.

She Lives with her husband Sid in a secluded mountain top chalet that is surrounded by toweering fir trees and overlooks the Umpqua Balley and Callahan Mountains of central Oregon. It is the perfect setting for a historical romance writer for everwhere she looks their is something to inspire her.

For more info on Catherine Anderson please visit her website.

 Shirlee Busbee

shirlee Busbee is the proud author of eleven novels, including seven New York Times bestsellers. Published since 1977 and with over nine million copies of her books in print, she is the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in writing, including the Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award and Affaire de Coeur's Silver and Bronze Pen Awards.
Shirlee lives in California with Howard, her husband of thirty-four years, two standard schnauzers, and the Standardbred horses the couple raise for pleasure.

Please visit Historical Romance Writers Online for more info on the writer.