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Gaurdian Angel
From the Back Cover: He is the powerful, charismatic Marquess of Cainewood, a man of honor who has vowed to hunt down the evil pirate who killed his brother. She is the mysterious Jade, an enchanting, flame-haired vision with eyes the color of fiery emeralds. Their saga begins on London's seamy, dangerous waterfront, in 1815, where Caine, in trying to draw his enemy out, has disguised himself as the pirate. But destiny has other things in store --- in the form of the voluptuous Jade. Thinking that Caine is indeed the pirate he pretends to be, she has come to him, begging a favor. Believing she is the target of assassins, Jade prefers to die by the pirate's hand --- and offers him silver to do the deed. Instead, intoxicated by her beauty, Caine promises to protect the exquisite Jade, to be her "guardian angel." But he cannot protect her from his own knowing caresses --- nor protect himself from the treacherous secret that will not only put the two of them in terrible danger, but test the very heart of their love!