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Simply Love
From the Back Cover: SIMPLY WILD The wealthy owner of a Colorado mining empire, Luke Taggart has seen and done it all. Now, bored with saloons, gambling and loose women, he feels a restless yearning-for what, he doesn't know. Until he meets a woman as fresh and pure as a spring morning-and vows to possess her...at any cost. SIMPLY INNOCENT Compassionate, radiant and breathtakingly lovely, Cassandra Zerek has a charming naivete that seems to blind her to Luke's seductive schemes-and an unwavering belief in the magical ability of love to transform this frog masquerading as a prince into the man of her dreams. SIMPLY LOVE Soon Cassie has aroused not only Luke's desire, but his conscience-most unexpectedly-as well. But neither gold nor guile will make her his own. Only the most precious gift of all can win her: Luke's deep and abiding love.