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Fever By Katherine Sutcliffe

I felt hesitant in reading this latest novel by Katherine Sutcliffe. Not because I hate the author, just the opposite, I love Sutcliffe's earlier novels so much that I was doubtful any of her newest releases could live up to her past books like Dream Fever.
Thankfully I was proven wrong.
Katherine again delivers a stellar novel with extremely strong characters and a plot that definitely does not fall under the cookie cutter romance story line that some authors like to use.
Juliette Broussard is a young woman living with the legacy of her mother's sins. Having Lived in a French convent for the past nine years she returns with her godfather Max Hollinsworth to Louisiana, and the Sugar cane Plantation, Belle Jarod, which she wants to rebuild.
Chance Boudreaux, the ignored bastard son of Max, is the overseer of Max's Plantation.
The Chemistry between these two characters sizzles, and the dialog used draws you into the book that you wont be able to put it down.
Katherine is never one to shy away from controversy and choosing the deep south pre civil war for the setting, gives way to plenty slavery and class issues. As Usual Katherine handles it beautifully, by describing exactly how life was for the poor and the slaves.
Using descriptive language, sensual characters, and a passionate plot, Katherine out does herself with Fever.
I am giving this book a 9.

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