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Back Cover: Rafe de Bastitas is headed straight to hell. Hell, Texas, that is. He is seeking vengeance from the men who robbed him of his family - of everyone he had ever truly loved. And he is prepared for just about anything. Except Charity Bell.
Widowed by the town preacher and denounced by her neighbors, Charity Bell is a marked woman. But beneath her misery and scorn is a lady of refinement - with a past of privilege that left her unprepared for life's cruel twists of fate. When Rafe happens upon her cottage at the edge of town, Charity is frightened, alone - and giving birth to a fatherless son. Rafe can't help but reach out to the forsaken young mother - and can't help feeling the spark of passion that quickly ignited between them.
Rafe and Charity have nothing in common, except their painful pasts - and the promise of a love as wistful and wild as the Texas wind...